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Introduction of Term Project

Mentee is required to obtain a journalistic article (Newspaper, news website) each week related to a consistent theme current in our society.

Dress for Success

We will go over how to properly dress for a professional occasion.

Physical Fitness Assignments

Mentee will complete include nutrition worksheet, set a goal and keep a running diet and fitness journal to track their progress for 1 month.

Study Guide and Essay Writing

Mentee will read a book (can be a book used in ELA class) and keep a reading journal and use the included guide to write a book report.


Preparing for High School

Mentee will acquire the current High School registry manual, research each school and schedule a site visit.

Music and Culture

We will analyze the Mos Def song “Habitat” to discuss Rap music as a culture and Rap lyrics as literature.


Proud Members of Solomon Mentors

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The Mentor Program


Solomon Mentors

The success of your time as a mentee of Solomon Mentors will be measured by the achievement of several goals. These goals will be tracked in the form of several projects that reflect the curriculum of our program. These projects will be kept in your notebook and will be monitored by your mentor and submitted at the end of the school term. Each project is designed to assist in your development as a student and a member of society. The goal is to expand your horizons and build interest in new areas. We hope you will approach these projects with a positive attitude so you can enjoy and reap the benefits of our time together.




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Solomon Mentors Pledge:

" I come to you a work in progress, Aware of what I have done and Confidently working toward all I can positively achieve. I will take each moment as a learning one. I will recognize and acknowledge my mistakes however; I will not let them defeat my spirit. Instead I WILL use them to become the lessons learned to humbly build my story of Success. "

" With the dignity and respect of a gentlemen, I will practice and portray discipline and self control honoring my surrounding and myself. I will actively listen with earnest and humility but will speak with strength of character for I do not only represent myself but proudly carry the voice of my parents, peers, heritage and ancestors. "

" I pledge these words before all I hold sacred because they are true and may be measured by my actions, For I am, And I represent the future as a proud member of the Solomon Mentors."

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